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Create a shared metadata workspace for your data team & business users
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A single pane of glass
for your data team

Shared metadata workspace

Gather all relevant outputs about your data in one place using our cloud. Invite your team and debug it easily from there.

Version history
of your metadata

Go back in time, and see your past metadata.
Explain and debug your pipelines.

Get notified and
stay informed

Set up Slack notifications to always know when a new report is produced or an existing one got updated


See it all in one place

dbt documentation

Quickly access the documentation of your dbt project


Get notified about problems in your dbt data in our dbt-native package.

Great Expectations

See the results of your data tests


Enter the suite of exploratory data analysis tables and visualizations

Jupyter Notebooks

Share computational documents about your data.

Your custom data report

Host your own custom HTML report about your data

Request your integration

Do you have integration you would like us to add? 🙂

Plans & Pricing

Start monitoring your
data pipelines now!

open source

Install re_data our open-source package and instil data confidence across your organisation
Observe your dbt data
Set alerts and detect anomalies
Track the root cause of your data issues
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100$ per month, unlimited number of users
One place to gather all your metadata and share it with your team
Your metadata reports in one shared space
Easily access the version history of your data
Get notified on Slack


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Deploy re_cloud in your own infrastructure to keep it close to you
Fully control access to the critical data reports
Receive dedicated implementation support from re_data team
Meet your wildest security and privacy standards

Frequently asked questions.

Looking for more detail? Check out our Docs or drop us a message at [email protected]

Do I need to implement re_data Open Source to get any value from re_cloud?

You don’t have to use our Open Source framework to enjoy hosting and sharing reports in re_cloud, but we encourage you to check it out and discover the full potential of our toolset!

What data libraries does re_cloud support

Currently in re_cloud you can view and collaborate on reports from:
re_data, dbt docs, pandas-profiling, great-expectations, jupyter notebooks, and custom html data reports.

Can re_cloud support data reports generated with (...)?

We are working on re_cloud to become the go-to solution to manage data issues with multiple data apps. Let us know on Slack what integration you would like to have!


We are helping major companies deliver quality insights

What are our clients saying?

“re_data does a great job at identifying any weird data issues that may go undetected”

Madison Schott, Analytics Engineer, Winc

“re_data makes stats based data quality super easy!”

Trevor Lapham, Data Engineer

“re_data helped us visualize our data flow and issues in easy to use dashboard letting us include Management, Sales  and other teams in the Data Quality and Reliability conversation”

David Zajac, Lead Data Engineer, Wrench AI


Open Source is in our DNA

We’re committed to collaborative problem solving in the open source data space.

Our Open Source solution has helped over 100 companies to improve their data reliability, through anomaly detection, test visualization and schema change tracking.

Join our community to stay updated and to support us in our mission, to make data more reliable.

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